Saturday, April 20, 2013


R is for repollo or cabbage.

I've never eaten so much cabbage in my life as I have here in Nicaragua.  Why?  Because they make cabbage salad to go on top of EVERYTHING.  What's cabbage salad?  Think cole slaw but without the mayonnaise.  And I have to say, I'm addicted.

There are these fast food stands here called fritanga (it comes from the word freir or frito meaning fried) where you can get things like tostadas, taquitos, empanadas, tajadas (fried green plantain), and grilled meats super cheap.  And on top of anything you order....cabbage salad!  I've discovered it's the perfect accompaniment to fried foods because it's fresh, crispy, and vinegary to cut through all that grease.  It's also perfect with salty Nica cheese, on top of bbq sandwiches (Memphis-style holla!), and with pan-seared fish.  Basically, there's nothing it DOESN'T go with.  And when you can make a massive batch of it for about a dollar, why wouldn't you pair it with everything?!

Check out my Familiar Foreign episode where I teach how to make it!

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